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The Virginian-Pilot Opinion pages provide a vigorous forum – in print and online – for readers to discuss and debate. For years, we've required letters to the editor to include the author's name and hometown. Until now, we haven't held online commenters to the same standard. That will change. Commenters on Pilot Opinion pieces – letters, columns, editorials -- are required to sign their names, just as they would in the newspaper.

Verified commenters are expected to abide by our Posting Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your comment(s) and the possible blocking of your participation.

We've tried to make this process as simple as possible. We've also made it free.

You can verify your name, address and telephone number by using a credit card.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is my credit card information safe? Yes, we follow current safety practices and do not retain your credit card information after we verify your identity.
  • Do you share my personal information? No, we do not share your information beyond publishing your name and city with your comments. Click to review our Privacy Policy.

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