What's on PilotOnline.com?

PilotOnline.com is your local source for news and information for our cities, our state, our nation and our world. We bring you the most comprehensive local online news coverage in town, as well as up-to-the-minute sports, business, government, military, traffic and weather information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the full text of the newspaper online?
No - and yes. Major staff-written news, sports, business, military and opinion articles from the daily Virginian-Pilot, plus breaking news, are posted to PilotOnline.com.

The full content of the daily paper - including community tabloids, wire-service articles and news briefs - is available in ePilot.

The full local text of The Virginian-Pilot back to 1990 is available in the Archives.

Can I contact ePilot directly with questions?
Yes, contact Customer Service for assistance.

I saw a story in the printed Virginian-Pilot, but I can't find it on PilotOnline.com or in the archives. Why not?

Several reasons:

The story may have been from a wire service such as The New York Times, The Washington Post or the Associated Press. Such stories are not often posted to PilotOnline, and they are not added to the archive. Check ePilot

The article may be in the recent-stories index for News, Business, Sports, Military, or Opinion. Stories posted to PilotOnline.com are added to one of those indexes daily and remain there a week or two after publication. So it's best to start your search there before going to the archives.

Can I get a printed back issue of the paper?
Yes, call The Virginian-Pilot's Customer Service center at 757-446-9000 during regular business hours. Cost of a back issue is $7 for a weekday edition or $10 for a Sunday edition to cover postage and handling, or you would pay the newsstand price if you prefer to pick the issue up at The Virginian-Pilot, 150 W. Brambleton Ave., Norfolk. Back issues are kept for about two months.

Are obituaries available online? Yes, recent obituaries are available in the Obituaries section of News. Older obituaries are included in the Archives.