Archives online and ePilot questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Archives of The Virginian-Pilot are available through several methods:

ePilot is the electronic replica of The Virginian-Pilot. You can access archives of The Virginian-Pilot, exactly as they appeared in print, dating back to November 2002. ePilot access is available free of charge to newspaper subscribers, or you can purchase an online-only subscription to ePilot.

The Virginian-Pilot/NewsLibrary Archives include original news stories dating back to 1990. Searching is free, however there is a $1.95 fee per article downloaded. If you experience problems when applying for an account or when retrieving an article, or if you have billing or account questions, please contact NewsLibrary support at 1-800-896-5587.

Photos, graphics and recipes are not included in NewsLibrary. Photos may be ordered from The Virginian-Pilot newsroom for a fee.

For archives older than 1990, a local library may have the information available on microfiche.